Film from the 1960s

When Nick Price (1962 – 1966) was at School, back in the 1960s, it was a far cry from the place it is today.

 “People forget what life was like after the ‘50s, when the country was still trying to find its feet after the Second World War.  Even in the ‘60s, we were still coming out of the doldrums.”

Nick’s real highlight of life at Box Hill School was acting as cameraman on a 30-minute film of life at the school, entitled ‘Yet Another School.’

Together with Anne Pearson and David Korn, the trio put together a fairly accurate record of what school was like back then. Today’s students would probably be horrified! Originally recorded on 8mm film reel, Nick has recently had the film put onto a DVD – and it is a remarkable record of life in the early days of Box Hill School.

A huge thank you to Old Boxhillian Bruce Rutland (1979-1983) who used his skills to transfer Nick’s original cini-film into a digital format and to edit the shorter version,

The films can be viewed here:

(A longer version of this article is printed in ‘Out of the Box’ Newsletter for Old Boxhillians, Issue 01)