Box Hill School Parents' Association (BHSA)

Welcome to the Box Hill School Parents Association, the BHSA.

The BHSA is an important part of the Box Hill School community and provides opportunities for everyone at Box Hill to come together socially and at the same time raise funds to benefit the pupils and enhance their education.

All parents of Box Hill School children are automatically members of the School Association.

The funds raised are used to provide extra items for the pupils, over and above that which the school would be expected to provide from fees.

We really hope you will enjoy participating in the BHSA events and being part of the Box Hill School community.

 The Committee

The BHSA Committee consists of parents with representatives from across the years. 

The 2017/18 Committee:

  • Jackie Lodge (Chair) 
  • Yvette Graham  (Vice Chair)
  • Helen Simkins  (Treasurer)
  • Tarn Shannon (Secretary)
  • Janet Pitsiaeli (Year Rep)

Year Reps

A Year Rep is a vital role in maintaining good communication between the BHSA and parents/guardians. It is recommended that at least one representative from each year attends BHSA meetings to ensure open communication between the BHSA and parents from all years.

Current Year Reps

  • Year 7: Vicky Claxson, Joanna Cook and Dominique Wood
  • Year 8: Lynne Petrie
  • Year 9: Vicky Claxson; Kate Walker; Kerrie Thorpe; Sarah Rivolta
  • Year 10: Jo Sadler and Lynne Glover
  • Year 11: Tarn Shannon
  • Year 12: Steph Carter and Janet Pitsiaeli
  • Year 13: Janet Pitsiaeli

The role of a Year Rep  - with the BHSA
Keep parents informed about BHSA activities/events – seeking views from parent members on BHSA business 
Encourage parents to support the BHSA by attending events and actively engaging them in volunteering
Answer·any questions parents may have about the BHSA organisation and events

The role of a Year Rep - with parents
Organise social events for Parents in the year
Keep an updated contact email list (with agreement from the parents)
Make contact with new parents through the school Clarion messaging system
Provide a channel to the BHSA passing on ideas and offers of help from parents
Encourage parents to attend BHSA events

A Year Rep does NOT:
Act independently from the BHSA to engage in any activities on behalf of the school.
Act as a spokesperson for other Parents on matters regarding children or school affairs. If a parent is concerned about their child in any way, they must contact the class tutor directly.
If a Parent has any other concerns or wishes to discuss any other school matter they should speak directly speak directly to the relevant teacher.


Funds Raised

Funds raised are used to support a number of key areas each year including:

Funding for student year books for years 11 and 13 students and support for student celebratory events

Funding support for the Round Square project in Philippolis, South Africa

Funding to support specific requests which are assessed by the BHSA committee

Parent members will be asked to comment on funding requests through year representatives