Fashion & Textiles

Fashion & Textiles at Box Hill School

The Fashion and Textiles course aims to provide students with the opportunity to explore and develop skills within this discipline. There is a strong focus on drawing and painting as well as collage, print making and working with materials. Students will learn a variety of practical skills including sewing, knitting, print, embroidery, and constructed textiles. They will also focus on artists, craftspeople and designers and will develop and make their own designs.


The OCR GCSE in Fashion and Textiles enables students to:

  • Develop your ideas through investigations and researching the work of artists, designers or craftspeople.
  • Refine your ideas through experimenting and selecting resources, media, materials, techniques and processes.
  • Record your ideas, observations and insights as studies using experience, materials, or writing through various means including sketchbooks and works on paper.
  • Present your work in a personal and meaningful way showing the connections to the work of other artists, designers or craftspeople you have studied.

All students will keep a sketchbook which will document their studies over the two years and will produce final outcomes of work that express their own individual ideas. The course is broad enough to experiment with art textiles, soft sculpture and fashion design. Students will experiment with a wide range of fabric decorating techniques and will learn how to design and make clothing and soft furnishings.

Students' final grade will be made up of one unit of coursework (60%) and one final exam unit (40%).

Further Studies

Textiles can be studied as part our A-Level or the Visual Arts discipline, within the International Baccalaureate.

Textiles can be studied at advanced level choosing either route: Visual Arts, within the International Baccalaureate to create a broad art textiles portfolio in preparation for University. Alternatively, the Fashion & Textiles A-Level, compromises of in-depth practical study work for students wishing to build a specialist portfolio for entry onto all Fashion & Textiles courses at degree level.

- Fashion & Textiles A-Level.

- Visual Arts as part of the International Baccalaureate.