Gifted & Talented

Box Hill School proudly caters for students of all mainstream ability levels, as our exam results show. This means that in every year group our top sets have students who can and will be expected to be stretched above even our high year-group norms in terms of aspiration and attainment, involvement and challenge.

Above national averages, our baseline data records that more than 25% of our student body fall into the top quarter of the nation's ability range. The school has its own Gifted and Talented register of 61 pre-GCSE students, with still more at post-16, some of whom fall into the highest statistical bracket of 'more able, gifted and talented', which is limited to the top 2% of the country.

At Box Hill School, our latest ISI inspection reported as its main finding that "Good academic achievement is supported by excellent teaching. The standard of teaching is excellent. It is well planned, has pace and gives an exciting and enjoyable experience for pupils".

Students are challenged both inside and out of the classroom. Preps are differentiated, extra classes are offered, school-wide academic projects and prizes issued, mentors allocated, data systems used to monitor progress, and individual targets set and reviewed. All staff keep running records of baseline cognitive data and intervention needs in daily planners, and individuals are encouraged to exceed expectations.

Both our Junior and Senior Academic Societies run an extensive programme of cultural and interesting trips, including trips to Parliament, the opera, plays and cultural events, as well as hosting key speakers and stimulating debates and discussions.