History is a popular choice within the IB Diploma programme. IB History is offered at Higher and Standard Level. The course includes a study of Twentieth Century Wars, the Rise and Rule of Single Party Dictatorships and a regional study of about one hundred years of European history.


Exam papers and projects include:
  • Paper 1 - Global expansion in 1930s and 1940s; Germany, Italy & Japan (Documents study and evaluation)
  • Paper 2 - The origins of the Spanish and Chinese Civil War, Origins of World War One and World War Two; The rise to and consolidation of power of left and right wing dictators from different continents in the twentieth century. (Essay based)
  • Paper 3 (HL) – Russian Empire to USSR 1855-1924; Inter-War Europe 1919-1938 & European Diplomacy 1871-1923. (Essay based)
  • Coursework (IA) 2,200 words based on student choice with school support.