IB Library Services

An essential element of the International Baccalaureate Diploma is the Extended Essay. This has to be passed at Grade D in order to gain the award. The Library staff work closely with students and their supervisors and help advise on research topics and essay titles at the beginning of the process. The Extended Essay is designed to examine research process and the Librarian plays a core role in teaching essay structure, format and referencing style. When the final draft is completed the Librarian runs each essay through the Turnitin software (used by examination boards) to check citations and discusses the report with the student.

In addition the Librarian collaborates with subject teachers to deliver joint lessons on specific topics within the syllabus. This is so detailed advice can be given on using the higher level book resources and the specialist online databases within the subject area.

The Librarian also acts as a link facilitating access to university libraries and encourages students to make use of these institutions when necessary.