At Box Hill School, we constantly strive to produce well-rounded young people, capable of communicating with confidence in an adult world. With this in mind, we provide our pupils with a wide range of co-curricular options to develop their interests, increase their confidence and provide them with a wide variety of life skills.



'Preparing young people for life through service, challenge, adventure and international understanding'

All pupils participate in adventures and community service projects which can, and often do, take them half way around the world. Students are not just taking part in adventures, they are learning about themselves - their strengths, how to overcome their fears, how to motivate and help others.

Additionally, the school organises Round Square exchanges where Year 7 and 8 pupils travel to European destinations and Year 9+ pupils spend up to 8 weeks in South Africa, Australia, America, Canada, India or Peru, studying and working at one of our sister schools.


Expeditions are an integral and popular part of the curriculum in the first three years at our school. We are keen to ensure that our pupils leave us having learnt to take responsibility for themselves and others, and to meet challenges head on. As well as the two statutory expeditions per year, others are available throughout the year at weekends and during the school holidays.


The Bronze DofE expedition is compulsory for Year 9 pupils and a large number of those pupils then continue on to complete the Bronze award. The scheme is very popular amongst our pupils, with over 75 pupils currently engaged in the Bronze award, over 62 completing their Silver award and 18 working towards their Gold award.


Activities range from Harry Potter club to archery to canoeing to rock band. We provide opportunities in both team and individual sports and activities, and most afternoons have a compulsory time set aside for activities.