Summer School Course


This is a two week academic preparation course for any International student (aged 11-17). It is NOT just for students coming to Box Hill School.

Dates: The dates for the 2018 course are Tuesday 21st August to Tuesday 4th September 2018. 

Cost: The cost of the course is £1,950.00 GBP.

Objective: The objective of this course is to familiarise students with the UK education system as well as give them an introduction to the academic programme that they will move onto. It will also enable students to get used to living away from home and help them to settle into the British way of life, prior to the start of term.

 "I was scared about coming to school in the UK but after the course I am just excited. The course has taken away my fear.” 
 Elisabeth Conradi, Germany


Course content:

The Summer School Course is taught in classes differentiated by age and ability, and comprises teaching in English, Maths, The Sciences, History, Business Studies and Study Skills, and all classes will be taught in English. There will also be time in the programme for recreation and activities as well as a number of excursions.

There are three options:

  • Course 1 is suitable for those wishing to enter Sixth Form for both IB and A Level study.
  • Course 2 is for those going on to study on a pre-sixth form or two year GCSE course.
  • Course 3 is for those coming to the UK who are enrolled on a pre GCSE, or English language access course.


 “I did enjoy the lessons. The teachers did a great job and I now find it much easier talking with people in English and participating in lessons.”
  Sarah Monnier, France


If you have any questions about this course or to book a place, please email the course coordinator


Please download the following PDF for further information: