School Counselling

Box Hill School offers an active counselling service, free of charge, to all pupils. Our counsellors are professionally qualified and are trained to listen without judgement and to help people sort out their thoughts and feelings about whatever is concerning them.

The counselling may only be for a few sessions or longer term if needed. It is reviewed regularly between the counsellor and the pupil; the Head of Pastoral Care will regularly be informed on the continuation of sessions.

Box Hill School understands the pressures that young people have to endure in a constantly changing world and at a time in their lives when they are experiencing a lot of emotional and physiological changes. The sessions are set up to give the opportunity to talk about things that are of concern: to a child or young person in confidence with a qualified counsellor.

What is spoken about will depend on the individual but common themes are: exam stress, stresses of family life, relationships, social and emotional difficulties, change, loss, self-harm, anxieties, OCD and traumatic events.

If you would like to contact our school counsellor, Mrs Cathy Salvi, for more information or to arrange a session, please use the following details.

Email: or

Mobile: 07712395541


To download the full Parents and Carers Information leaflet please click here.