Sixth Form Overview

There is never a dull moment in the Sixth Form at Box Hill School.  The students are academically, socially and culturally challenged with a busy programme.  IB and A Level studies are supplemented with a dynamic societies culture, which includes cross-curricular lectures, Charities Committee and the Senior Academic Society.

Our Sixth Form demographic encourages students to embrace different perspectives and cultures - something already embedded in the IB and Round Square principles at the core of the School's values.  We encourage day and boarding students to look beyond 4.30pm in terms of accessing extra-curricular societies.

The provision of a Sixth Form IT suite and Common Room in the Winthrop Young Building, allows for a healthy blend of private study and social time when not in lessons.  We believe that this Sixth Form culture provides ideal preparation for university life.  The Sixth Form tutors provide individual support for each student and this is reinforced with the Houseparent, Curriculum coordinators and Heads of Years having offices within the centre.