Visual Arts

This is a rigorous pre-university course that involves the production of coursework on either paper or canvas, and several sketch books on a chosen theme. Students are expected to ‘make connections’ with appropriate areas of Art History and undertake investigation and research, relevant to the subject content of their work.

The IB Visual Art course can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the student so that the main body of course work may orientate towards Painting, Sculpture or Textiles and very often our students have shown considerable versatility in this regard. Students are encouraged to rigorously pursue their visual enquiries across a range of disciplines and materials supplemented by extensive and in-depth supporting studies in their sketch books and work journals. Our course is structured to facilitate both individual expression and the development of ideas through physical competence, visual communication and Art historical awareness.



The IB Visual Art course is divided into three components and should be substantiated with visual supporting studies and written research in your work journals. Although sections of the journal will be selected, adapted and presented for assessment, the journal itself will not be assessed or moderated. It is, however, regarded as a fundamental requirement of the course.



 An independent critical and contextual investigation that explores artworks, objects and artefacts from differing cultural contexts.

SL 10-15 pages

HL 10-15 pages + 3-5 pages which analyse the extent to which their work has been influenced by the art and artists examined.

The pages submitted examine and compare at least three artworks at least two of which need to be by different artists.The work selected for comparison should come from contrasting contexts. This is assessed on screen and should be presented accordingly.

ASSESSED CRITERIA  A: Analysis of formal qualities.  B: Interpretation of function and purpose.  C: Evaluation of cultural significance.  D: Making comparisons and connections.  E: Presentation and subject specific language.  F: [HL only] Making connections to own art practice.



SL  9-18 pages

HL  13-25 pages

Students submit carefully selected materials which document their experimentation, exploration, manipulation and refinement of a variety of visual arts activities during the two year course. This work would normally be produced in the student’s work journal [A3] and visual images must be accompanied by annotation and relevant written research. Work that appears in the PP cannot be used in the final exhibition

A variety of disciplines and materials must be employed in this section.



SL  4-7 artworks

HL  8-11 artworks

Students submit for assessment a selection of resolved artworks from their exhibition. The selected pieces should show evidence of their technical accomplishment during the course and an understanding of materials, ideas and practices appropriate to visual communication. The work is accompanied by a ‘curatorial rationale’, SL 400 words, HL 700 words. The curatorial rationale requires students to explain their choices of artworks and the decision making around how they are presented. They should reflect on their intentions and how they found solutions in the selection and presentation of the works. Each piece exhibited must be accompanied with an exhibition text along with title, medium and size.

IB Artwork Gallery 2