Day Students

Life for Day Pupils at Box Hill School

Box Hill School is very much a part of the local community, with over 300 of our pupils coming from within a 10mile radius of the school.

As such, we provide extensive mini bus services, with pupils travelling in from Dorking, Leatherhead, Reigate, Redhill, Epsom and Sutton, and many of the villages in the Surrey Hills, as well as destinations slightly further afield such as South West London. Pupils come from a wide variety of local prep and primary schools from both the state and independent sector.

The School Day

Over 70% of our pupils are day pupils, therefore we ensure the school week fits comfortably into family life. We do not have Saturday school and the school day starts at 8.15am and finishes at 4.30 pm, allowing pupils to attend sports clubs and activities in the evenings and weekends. Not that they will necessarily want to – with over 50 activities to choose from and sports for all pupils throughout the week, most are kept busy enough at school.

Tutor spaces provide pupils with an area in which they can spend break time, part of their lunch hour and, in the case of Sixth Form, study periods. (Students are encouraged to spend as much time outside as possible during lunch and break). Each room is supervised by tutors and academic staff.

Each week, pupils will have at least one tutor period, during which they can speak to their tutors about academic and pastoral matters. Fortnightly ‘mentor grades’ are given to each pupil; which parents can track. Any problems are quickly identified. Every pupil has his or her own locker space.

There is also regular recognition of achievements, whether it be good academic achievement, winning a place in a sports team or helping out with a charitable event.


Lower School – Years 7 and 8. A designated outdoor area and classrooms with specialist uses for example, quiet room, activities room, movie room etc


Middle School – Years 9 and 10 in tutor rooms


Middle School – Year 11


Sixth Form Day house


Pastoral and wellbeing ‘hub’ offering a quiet contemplative area for all students. Our Pastoral Support Coordinator is also located here.