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Year 10 Revision Resources

Welcome to our Year 10 Revision Resources – a dedicated space designed to support both parents and students as they navigate the GCSE journey.

We hope you find these resources and strategies useful. Please email any questions to Ms Catton (Head of Year 10).


Mini Mocks Rooming and Seating Plans

Y10 Exam Rooms and Seating Plans

Recommended Revision Guides

Here you will find recommended revision guides for all the GCSE options offered at Box Hill School.

Effective Learning Strategies

The Effective Learning PowerPoint offers insights into proven revision techniques, and the poster summarises this.

The TES Effective Learning Strategies for Parents and Pupils is the go-to guide for parents and pupils to aid understanding of effective learning strategies.

Revision Exercises

The clock revision method, spaced learning techniques with No Revision Revision, through Flashback Fridays and dual coding via sketch-noting are just a few examples of diverse approaches. Each resource is designed not just to facilitate memorisation but to encourage a deeper understanding of the subjects.

Revision Planners

The Rolling Revision Planner will aid in organising study schedule