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Make an application

We are delighted that you wish to make a formal application to Box Hill School by registering your child with us, and are looking forward to helping you on your admissions journey!

IMPORTANT:  Please take a few minutes to read Sections A-D below before completing our online Registration Form at the bottom of this page.

If you would like any further help at any point, please don’t hesitate to contact our admissions team on admissions@boxhillschool.com or on 01372 384240.

Section A - General Information

We will require the following information as part of the online registration process, so please do ensure you have this to hand before starting:

  • full details for the applicant (your child), including details relating to their current education (school address, school postcode, email address, dates etc)
  • full details for both parents with parental responsibility (address, email address etc)

We will also require the following as part of the admissions process, which may either be uploaded with our online registration form, or emailed to admissions on admissions@boxhillschool.com

  • your child’s latest full end of Year school report, plus any progress reports since then (if available)
  • a photograph of your child – this can be one taken on your phone or can be a photograph of their passport page
  • any other information you may wish to provide (if appropriate – this is not compulsory)

Finally, to complete your registration, please pay our £100 non-refundable registration fee. Details will be emailed to you after we receive your online registration form.


Important: Please kindly note that failure to fully and transparently disclose all of the required information at this registration stage may invalidate your application;  that by submitting your registration form, you confirm that all information supplied is a true and accurate reflection of the facts, and that you have read and understood Sections A-D shown.

Section B - Instructions for completing our Registration Form

Please read these steps as you progress through our registration form. Remember to hit ‘submit’ at the end!


Step 1 – Complete Section 1: ‘ Your Child’

  • Please click purple box ‘Add New Applicant’ to get started
  • At the end of Section 1, click ‘Save’, then click ‘Next’


Step 2 – Complete Section 2: ‘Primary Contact (with parental responsibility), eg Parent 1

  • At the end of Section 2, click ‘Next’ (or back to edit)


Step 3 – Complete Section 3: Second Contact (with parental responsibility), eg Parent 2

  • Click ‘Add Additional Contact’ to see Section 3
  • At the end of Section 3, click ‘Save
  • (If there are more than 2 ‘contacts’ click ‘Add Additional Contact’)


Step 4 – Hit ‘Submit’: Please do not press the ‘Submit’ button until you have completed Section 1, 2 and 3

  • You will then see the message ‘The form was successfully submitted’ and you will receive a confirmation email which will outline any next steps. This confirms that the form has been completed correctly and has been received
  • If you do not see/receive the above, please ensure you hit ‘submit’, or ensure you have completed all sections
  • If you experience any problems or issues, please either call us on 01372 384240, or email admissions@boxhillschool.com – we will be very pleased to assist

Section C - Notes

Please also read the following notes which are referred to in our Registration Form:


Note 1: Please note that we expect all Box Hill School students to:

  • Be fully independent learners within the classroom
  • Be meeting age-related expectations in their current school before joining
  • Study 2 modern foreign languages during Years 7, 8 and 9
  • Be fully engaged in attending school and to positively being part of our school community
  • Be able to fully embrace our busy school day and the varied programmes on offer


Note 2: If yes to Q1 and/or Q2, please provide the following:

  • the applicant’s appropriate formal assessment report/s (eg EP report, Speech & Language report, etc)
  • the applicant’s last full End of Year Summer report, plus any progress reports since then,
  • any other information that you feel would be useful.

You may either upload your child’s supporting documents (as above) with this online registration form submission, or you may email your supporting documents to admissions@boxhillschool.com as soon as possible, and well before our registration deadline (as shown on our website) to allow sufficient time for these to be reviewed.  Please note it can take up to 2 working weeks to review an applicant’s information.  All EP reports/dyslexia assessments must be dated within 2 years.


Note 3: Please make your registration fee payment as soon as possible after submission of your registration form. 

Our bank details are as follows – Account name:  Box Hill School Trust Ltd, Account number:  30874396, Sort Code:  20-17-27.

Please use the reference ‘REG-’ followed by the applicant’s surname and first name initial as per the following format:  REG-SMITHA.


Note 4: For all registrations, please provide the following:

  • your child’s latest school full End of Year school report, plus any progress reports since then (if appropriate)
  • a photograph of your child – this can be one taken on your phone or can be a photograph of their passport page
  • any other information you may wish to provide (if appropriate – this is not compulsory)

You can either upload the applicant’s supporting documents with our online registration form submission, or you can email your supporting documents to admissions@boxhillschool.com as soon as possible.


Note 5: Please note that submitting this form does not imply that the applicant has been accepted for entry, which shall be conditional on interview, assessment where appropriate, report/reference from current school, the availability of places at the time, and other factors as per our admissions process.


Section D – Scholarship and bursary applications

If you would like to apply for a Scholarship (for those pupils with particular talents in Art, Music, Drama or Sport) and/or a means-tested Bursary award (for those who require financial assistance), please see our dedicated webpage for further information. In this case, please submit your online registration form first (at the bottom of this page), and then provide your scholarship/bursary application form as soon as possible after this, by our published deadlines for admissions timescales.

To open the Registration Form in a new tab, please click here.