Inspection Reports

In May 2019, Box Hill School was visited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) for a full inspection.

ISI Report – May 2019

Please download the link below for the full Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection Report:

Some highlights from the ISI Report:

The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements:

  • The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements is good
  • Pupils achieve well, in line with the school’s aims to fulfil potential and prepare pupils for life
  • Pupils of all abilities are well-supported by a balanced curriculum that is increasingly personalised to nurture the strengths of each individual
  • For day pupils and boarders, the high level of participation and achievement in co-curricular and extra-curricular activity is a strength of the school
  • The capacity for independent thinking is evident throughout the school
  • Very good collaborative learning was observed in a range of subject areas, and this was noted as a strength of the learning culture.

The quality of the pupils’ personal development:

  • The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent
  • Pupils throughout the school are unpretentious and display great confidence, self-esteem and resilience
  • They do not fear failure, regarding it as a vital stage in the learning process
  • Pupils are well-behaved and considerate towards one another. They have a highly developed sense of right and wrong and readily take responsibility for their own behaviour informed by the Round Square IDEALS
  • Social development is excellent. Pupils are confident in their dealings with adults and show high levels of empathy when supporting and collaborating with each other and their teachers
  • Pupils are exceptionally positive in their commitment to making a difference to the lives of others and fully realise the values encapsulated by the Round Square IDEALS that encourage service in all its forms
  • Pupils’ mental and emotional well-being is promoted by the high profile given in pastoral and PSHE programmes, access to counselling and the observance of national initiatives such as mental health awareness week, anti-bullying week and human-rights day.
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