Roy Mccomish
Event at the rear of Dalewood

Our History

Welcome to Box Hill School’s History

Established in 1959 by our visionary founder, Roy McComish, Box Hill School has a rich and vibrant history that we are proud of. As a founding member of Round Square, a global network of schools dedicated to nurturing young minds, we have always believed in providing a supportive yet challenging environment for our students.

Roy McComish, Jeremy Taylor (First Head Boy), Prince Of Hanover


Throughout our journey, Box Hill School has been led by just five headmasters, each leaving their mark on our close-knit and welcoming community. Under the guidance of our current Head, Ms Hayley Robinson, we continue to evolve and grow while staying true to our core values.

In the early days of the school, a number of the (now replaced) buildings were built by our students – an early example of our ‘have a go’ ethos. This commitment to hands-on learning and personal growth has been a cornerstone of our educational approach.


The Opening of Taylors Way – named after Jeremy Taylor, our first Head Boy


Our main school building, Dalewood House, was built in 1883 and designed by the renowned Victorian architect John Norton. It was once owned by David Evans, chairman of Evans and Co and a prominent silk printer in the 19th century. The house is a masterpiece of architectural beauty, blending mock Tudor and Gothic styles. As you explore its halls, you’ll be captivated by the intricate wood panelling, inviting fireplaces, hand-painted tiles, and the thematic stained glass windows that grace every corner.

Dalewood House has a story to tell that stretches beyond its bricks and mortar. It served as a private residence until 1939 when it was requisitioned during World War II.

Now that you’ve explored our history, discover our values.


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Box Hill School’s Fire Service Group


Fencing on the rear lawn


High jump on the field


First Groundskeepers of Box Hill School


Former classroom in Dalewood


Event at the rear of Dalewood