Medical Centre

The school Medical Centre is staffed by registered nurses who provide medical cover on Monday to Friday from 07:30 – 20.00 in term time. We also have a Pastoral Matron whose hours are from 08:30 – 17.30 Monday to Friday in term time. In addition, many members of the school staff are qualified first aiders and are available through boarding or the out of hour’s activity they are participating in, should the pupils require any assistance.

The Medical Team

Mrs Claire Harris – Lead Nurse | Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Claire trained at Addenbrooke’s as a Registered General Nurse, (RGN) later specialising in Intensive Care (general, cardiac and paediatric). Prior to joining Box Hill School in 2008, she spent 3 years at The Children’s Trust, Tadworth, as part of their ‘Vent’ team, caring for children with multiple disabilities and complex health care needs.

Mrs Elaine Claridge – School Nurse | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Elaine trained as an RGN at St Mary’s Paddington followed by working in midwifery. She was a ward sister for 8 years and then trained and worked as a clinical teacher for two years. Prior to joining the school, she set up and ran her own Nursing Agency for 20 years.

Mrs Bernadette O’Connor – School Nurse | Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Bernadette trained as a RGN at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford. She was a community staff nurse in Wimbledon. Prior to joining the school, she was a school nurse at City of London Freemen’s School in Ashstead for 4 years.

Mrs Justine Braid – School Nurse | Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Justine completed her nursing degree at Manchester University. Her experience includes a charitable health role in India and community roles in the UK, including 20 years in health visiting, sexual health and school nursing.

Mrs Amanda Ackland – School Nurse (Bank)

Amanda trained as a RGN at The Westminster Hospital. She then did further training in Midwifery and Health Visiting. Prior to joining Box Hill School in 2010, she worked for 20 years as a Health Visitor in South West London.

Mrs Angie Wright – Matron | Monday – Friday

After graduating from Langham Secretarial College Angie worked as PA to the College Secretary at the Royal College of Pathologists. Upon relocating to Surrey she worked in various sectors of the NHS including secretarial support for consultants and as a receptionist in a medical practice.

Mrs Cathy Salvi – School Counsellor | Monday-Thursday. Tel: 07712395541 Email:

Dr Raj Sekhon – school GP | Monday lunchtime
Dr Louise Tomei – school GP | Friday lunchtime

Every pupil is different, and we use a holistic approach in planning their care, taking into consideration their physical, emotional and psychological needs. We complete individual health care planning, for health and special needs.

We work closely with all pupils to help them take responsibility for their own health and with the teaching staff to ensure that each pupil fulfils their potential. We aim to treat pupils with a caring and professional manner. We strive to keep the pupils in class so that they do not miss too many lessons and aim to provide safe healthcare provision in school according to professional standards.

We are always pleased to talk to any parent/guardian about their child’s health, either on the telephone or in person, and we are always available for pupils to talk to us. Sometimes the pupils talk to us in confidence, and we respect this, except where their welfare is at risk.

If a Year 7 pupil is seen by the school nurse, parents will be notified by e-mail, phone call, medical note home, or details will be written in the pupil’s diary. When a pupil is too unwell to remain in school, the nurses will contact the parents/guardian to arrange collection. The school has a 48 hour off school policy for all vomiting/diarrhoea illnesses, in line with the recommendations by Public Health England.


We ask you to complete a health questionnaire IN FULL and emergency consent form and return them to school before the first day of term when your child first starts at Box Hill. Information supplied on the health questionnaire is confidential and is not released to other departments in the school without parent/pupil consent.


We would be grateful if you could keep us informed of changes to your child’s health status, during their time at Box Hill. We do send out an annual update form at the end of each school year. In cases where we are not provided with the necessary information, treatment in an emergency may be limited due to unavailable information.


All boarders will have basic health checks during the Autumn Term, on admission to the school. This includes height, weight, basic vision testing and a discussion about their health. All boarders get a medical from the School’s GP as part of the surgery registration.


We have a school counsellor available to all pupils if needed. She is in school on Mondays – Thursdays. You or your child may e-mail, text or call her directly ( Tel: 07712395541) to make an appointment or speak to the school nurses, teachers and tutors to liaise on your behalf.


The school requires up to date vaccinations. We must have all vaccination dates from the GP’s immunisation record, a photocopy of the child’s records, or any other international vaccination certificates is perfect. We will contact you should your child require any boosters or further vaccinations. In some cases, your child may not be able to participate in sports or trips without a current DTP.

We are keen to ensure that appropriate immunisations are given. Please inform the school nurse of any immunisations given at home. CSH come to the school annually to vaccinate the girls for HPV (cervical cancer vaccination in Year 8) and DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis booster) and Meningitis ACWY in Year 9 & 10. Letters will be sent out prior to these events asking for parental consent.

Flu vaccinations are only offered to those boarders with medical needs.


All boarders are registered under the National Health Service with the School Doctor. They are entitled to medical treatment including hospital care under the NHS.

The GP service holds a surgery in School twice a week and is on call in the case of an emergency. Parents and/or guardians are contacted if a pupil is unwell or needs to see a doctor.

A pupil who is registered with Medwyn Surgery and who needs to see another doctor during the holidays should be registered as a temporary patient with his/her doctor at home.


In the case of an emergency, everything possible is done to contact parents/guardians immediately. In exceptional cases however, if this is not possible, the Head (or authorised deputy) has to act in loco parentis and in such circumstances he has the right to authorise medical and surgical treatment, including the administration of anaesthetic. Pupils over the age of 16 are permitted to give their own consent to medical treatment.

Pupils will normally be admitted under the NHS. If parents would prefer, or are insured for, private medical care they should include details of the relevant policy.

Where a pupil needs medical attention outside school, they would normally be accompanied by a member of staff. The cost of transport/taxis etc. will be recharged to their school account.


The school will provide over the counter medications such as paracetamol. Pupils must not bring these medications into school. The school policy is that all prescribed medications brought into school should be clearly labelled with the pupil’s name and must be handed in to the school nurse. All prescribed medications must have a consent form attached (please e-mail for the form)

We advise asthmatic pupils to keep a spare inhaler with the school nurse as well as one with them at all time. Pupils with auto injector pens are required to keep one with them and a spare with the school nurse. Two auto injector pens are required for all school trips. All pupils bringing their own prescribed medications into school who wish to self-medicate, must see the School Nurse to be assessed and sign a self-medication form to meet School, Ofsted and ISA guidelines.


Routine dental work and optician appointments should be arranged by parents or guardians during the school holidays. We will, however, deal with any emergencies during the term. Private orthodontic work can be arranged for boarders only. The nurses are happy to facilitate private physio, chiropractic, and sports massage sessions.


The school nurses actively promote health and wellbeing through teaching and advice in the Medical Centre. The Medical Centre holds a wealth of information leaflets on many medical issues for the pupils to read. The nurses are available to all pupils throughout the school.


The Medical Centre is a fully equipped unit compromising of 6 beds, 2 shower rooms, 2 offices and waiting area. The nurses are responsible for all medical issues around the school. There are first aid kits available in most departments and 2 defibrillator’s which can be located in the staff room and the sports office. The nurses have a wide range of medical policies some of which can be found on the school website, others are available on request. These are reviewed regularly in accordance with governance.