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Sixth Form Centre

The Sixth Form Centre has its own separate entrance and is designed to give students a degree of independence from the other younger year groups.

Social space is a key feature in the three-storey building, which also includes a kitchen, study space, learning resource suite and classrooms. The IB Co-ordinator and the Head of Sixth Form have offices within the complex, alongside the Head of Careers, to ensure they are close at-hand for support and guidance.

The Common Room

The Common Room is zoned into different areas including a work-station and a variety of chairs and sofas for relaxing. There is a kitchenette and breakfast bar for Sixth Form use, which is fully kitted-out with all amenities.

The Common Room is fully equipped with new and exciting technology, for use by all students, including:

  • Bring your own device network (BYOD) with brilliant connection enabling you to keep connectivity from any classroom in the block.
  • Epic Laser Projection keyboards – compatible via Bluetooth with iPhones, iPads and tablets.
  • 9ft electronic screen with surround sound.
  • IPads, iPhones, and laptops, which can be connected to play music, films or to give presentations.

Learning Resources Centre

The Sixth Form Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is fitted with 22 Windows 8 touchscreen computers and WiFi that will connect with all devices. The LRC is open all day for the students to study.

Careers Office

The Careers office is a dedicated university and careers service, which enables our students to access information and seek guidance and support in making informed choices for their future.

Sixth Form Handbook